About Me

I am a devoted real estate broker providing 5-star service to Clark County and beyond. Washington is a great place to live and work, which is why I choose to call it home. With roots in Texas, and now settled in Vancouver, I passionately service my clients with extensive knowledge of the real estate market. I am dedicated to remaining up-to-date and informed in all aspects of the industry.

With my background in investing, it is no question why my clients have described me as the perfect partner in real estate. I strive to bring a combination of compassion and coaching to the process, whether you are looking to buy or sell a home. My expertise, stemming from my work ethic, allows my clients to have complete confidence in each step of their transaction.

As a member of the Urbane Realty Group family, I have access to an extensive professional network leveraging thousands of transactions closed. I proudly use the latest technology to provide my client with vital information on the current market. Holding the community values of my brokerage close to my heart, I go above and beyond to encourage those exploring homeownership to feel comfortable and at ease knowing an expert will be at their side the entire way.

In the limited time I am not focused on real estate, I spend my time elevating my fitness or bettering myself both physically and mentally to put my best foot forward in my business. My accomplishments over the years are a testament to my professionalism and commitment to those I have the privilege to call clients and friends. My love for the industry paired with my flexible approach sets me apart from the average agent.

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